IELTS preparation courses...

IELTS Preparation Part-time (IELTS PT)

The IELTS part-time course focuses on bringing students who are at an upper-intermediate level up to the level they require to be successful on the IELTS exam. The program is delivered in the evenings to cater for mature students and working professionals.

IELTS Preparation Full-time (IELTS FT)

This subject is highly recommended for those who have the time and are at the appropriate level to develop advanced grammatical and language skills within an IELTS context.

Corporate english speaking package

We customize a modified package of tailor made courses best suited to the needs of your employees and industry requirements. From beginners to advanced levels, whether you require customer service personnel English language instruction or executive business English advancement, we have the solution for your corporate needs. Our professional English speaking teachers will instruct your employees either at clients conveniently hours.

Professional certifications

Our Certificates of Proficiency are ideal and students can study a range of subjects that are offered by our Faculties. We currently offer the following Certificates of Proficiency courses:

  • Financial Statement Analysis for Business

  • Islamic Banking and Finance

  • Financial Management

  • Human Resource Development

  • Project Management