About us

Meet the team.
  • Ali Abbas.
    Director, Training & Consultancy
  • Asad Raza.
    Brand Consultant
  • Wajeeh Haider.
    I.T Consultant
  • M. Waqas Khan.
    Advertising Manager

Company Profile

“Passion“determines everything that “We think and do!”

Brand Speak consultancy Pvt ltd. is a branding & management Consultancy firm empowered by challenge seeking team that is strongly committed to achieve the highest level of excellence each passing day by delivering extensive blend of services Branding, Consultancy, International Trainings, Web Development, Designing and Advertising to fulfil the demand of our valued customers and consistently fulfil the promises given to customers and other stakeholders.

At Brand Speak we consider that branding and consultancy is not just to changing the logo, creating tags lines, developing advertising campaigns and focused on external communication but also meeting customer’s expectations and to involve the entire organization in the change process. In keeping our belief we offer combination of our valued services to fulfil the demand of the organizational development by discovering of Brand Persona that is premise by the organizational human capital who works to create the unique image, telling the brand story, define the products' attributes to the customers and develop favourable thoughts.

We conduct domestic and international Training sessions in Dubai, Thailand, Malaysia and Turkey to strengthen the best talent that you have in your organization. The Training is delivered by professionals and highly qualified consultants, all of whom have extensive experience of working with NGOs, local government, public and private international organizations and delivering trainings across the world.